Comptes rendus Académie des sciences, Physique, tome 8, fasc 3-4, Avril-Mai 2007 : optical techniques for direct imaging of exoplanets / Technique...

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Introduction to stellar coronagraphy. Band-limited masks for TPF coronagraph. The Four Quadrant Phase Mask Coronagraph and its avatars. Shaped Pupil Coronagraphy. A Theoretical look at Coronagraph Design and Performance for direct imaging of exoplanets. Expected Performance of a Self-Coherent Camera. Calibration of Residual Speckle in a Nulling Coronagraph. Speckle noise reduction techniques for high-dynamic range imaging. The Lyot Project: Status and Results. Adaptive optics for direct detection of extrasolar planets: The Gemini Planet Imager. Detecting Extra-solar Planets with the Japanese 3.5m SPICA Space Telescope. The Achromatic Interfero Coronagraph. The Fourier-Kelvin Stellar Interferometer (FKSI): A practical infrared space interferometer on the path to the discovery and characterization of Earth-like planets around nearby stars. Towards the spectroscopic analysis of Earthlike planets : the DARWIN / TPF project. Ultra deep nulling interferometry using fractal interferometers. Comparison of ELTs, interferometers and hypertelescopes for deep field imaging and coronagraphy. Optical Performance of the New Worlds Occulter.