Sweetness from starch, a manual for making maltose from starch

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This book describes methods adapted from those used in many cottage factories in Vietnam for making maltose syrup from cassava starch, using the enzymes in cereal seedlings. This technology produces a syrup containing about 60% maltose, 25% glucose and 15% of other sugars. Maltose is a type of sugar. As a sweetener, it can be used to replace all or part of the sugar used in making ice-creams, biscuits, jams, bread, infant foods and many confectioneries. It boosts the sweetness of sugar and imparts important advantages, including ''mouth feel'' to foods to which it is added. Maltose syrup is a stable product which can be stored for long periods and transported to distant customers. ''Sweetness from Starch'' gives a detailed description of what is needed to make maltose syrup in a cottage factory - both the equipment and the materials, and how to make. It ends by giving a number of recipes to indicate some of the many ways in which maltose can be used.