Residues of some veterinary drugs in animal & foods
FAO Food and Nutrition paper Series, Vol. 41/12

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This publication is meant for regulatory authorities, veterinary drug researchers and any other concerned persons who wish to gain information on and insights into the needs and problems involved in establishing maximum limits for veterinary drug residues in food. Residue monographs in this document provide information on chemical identity, properties, use, pharmacokinetics, metabolism, tissue residue depletion of and analytical methods for the following substances:Deltamethrin, Dihydrostretomycin, Doramectin, Estradiol-17B, Neomycin, Phoxim, Porcine somatotropins, Progestrerone, Streptomycin, Testosterone, Thiamphenicol Codex Alimentarius Commission. Procedural manual. 11th edition