Journal of food composition and analysis Special issue. Biodiversity & nutrition a common path. Vol. 19, N° 6-7, September-November 2006

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The Journal of Food Composition and Analysis is the official publication of the International Network of Food Composition and Analysis, and is co-sponsored by the United Nations University and FAO. This journal is devoted to all scientific aspects of the composition of human foods, and emphasizes new methods of analysis, data on composition of foods, studies on the production, compilation and dissemination of food composition data, studies on the statistics and distribution of such data and data systems, and studies related to data use, including nutritional epidemiology, clinical research, agro-biodiversity, food security and food trade. The journal has a strong base in nutrient composition, but places equal emphasis on bioactive non-nutrients and anti-nutrients in foods. With this special themed issue on Biodiversity, illustrating the important role of biodiversity for nutrition, and of nutrition for biodiversity, FAO contributes to supporting new efforts for mainstreaming biodiversity into food and agriculture, and in particular to the nutrition agenda.