Improving nutrition programmes
An assessment tool for action. Users' training manual

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In 2002, FAO published "Improving nutrition programmes - an assessment tool for action" to assist programme managers in improving the impact and sustainability of food and nutrition programmes. However, during the participatory-led development process the need was felt for a sound orientation procedure on which the assessment team - comprised not only of nutrition workers but also of partners from related sectors - could build a common vision and develop its capacity to conduct the programme assessment in a rigorous, efficient and systematic manner. This companion Users' training manual has thus been prepared to maintain a better focus on the assessment process. It consists of six topics to be taught and discussed over a period of three to five days. Each topic includes key issues, case studies, ideas for discussion related to conducting an assessment, trainer's notes and a set of handouts for the learners. It can also be adapted to varying levels of knowledge and to the amount of time available. Together these publications constitute valuable tools for all those involved in assessing community-based food and nutrition programmes.