Hanbook for defining and setting up a food security information and early warning system
FAO Economic and Social Development paper Series, Vol. 6

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The handbook is divided into three main parts. The first part defines the main aspects of the FSIEWS method (definitions, description of national and international contexts, aims of the system, etc.). The second part, by far the longest, describes the different stages in setting up a FSIEWS, the constraints encountered and the possible solutions. The third part attempts to place the system in a wider more flexible and lasting context, and to identify how its role may evolve over time in a global food security context. This handbook is aimed at middle managers in developing countries since they are the ones who actually implement the FSIEWS and keep them running smoothly, whether as part of a statistics monitoring system in one of the food security sectors, as one of the many other actors in food security (in the public, voluntary or private sector), or as providers or recipients of information. Their commitment is key to the long-term success of a FSIEWS. An enabling national policy, supported when necessary by external technical assistance, are the two other important aspects, also closely linked to the work of the professionals to whom this book is addressed. The text of the handbook is a distillation of a number of technical papers produced by national and international experts and technicians. It was given its final form at FAO after thorough technical revision by the appropriate services and all the participants.