Good practice for the small-scale production on bottled coconut water
Agricultural and Food Engineering training and resource materials Series, Vol. 1

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Coconut water has traditionally been consumed as a refreshing beverage. Growing consumer interest in the products both as a refreshing beverage and as a sports drink has considerably broadened its market opportunities. Nature provides an ideal sterile package for coconut water in the form of the intact coconut. However, on cutting through the coconut, the coconut water is exposed to the elements and rapidly deteriorates. Application of the cold preservation process described in this guide can slow this rapid deterioration while preserving the delicate flavour of the product. In this manner bottled coconut water, when stored at 0-4º C, can have a shelf-life of 10 days to three weeks. This guide is designed to serve as a learning resource for micro and small-scale enterprises which bottle coconut water as well as a training resource for extension agents and trainers.