Zero tillage development in tropical Brazil
The story of a successful NGO activity

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The adoption of Conservation Agriculture (CA) goes counter to the notion in force for thousands of years that soil must be cultivated before sowing or planting. Teaching the concept of CA, and examining methods and experiences of introducing it into farming practice, are essential for achieving the necessary changes in attitude and behaviour among present and future agricultural researchers, technicians and practitioners. The experience described in this case study is rich in insights as to how the phenomenal growth of CA in Brazil, and especially in the tropical areas, has been promoted. The study describes, with much perception, the activities of a small number of people working both individually and in NGOs who are promoting a completely new system - which has already proved successful in the more temperate parts of Brazil - for other more tropical and poorer parts of the country. This publication was developed as course material for students in agriculture or related subjects dealing with decision-making processes in agriculture, it is, however, of interest to all those involved in the promotion of conservation agriculture.