World bamboo resources
A thematic study prepared in the framework of the global forest resources assessment 2005

Non-wood Forest Products Series, Vol. 18

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Bamboo - a major non-wood forest product - is an ancient woody grass widely distributed in tropical, subtropical and mild temperate zones. It is an integral part of forestry, but is also widely spread outside forests, including farmlands, riverbanks, roadsides and urban areas. Bamboo is quickly changing its image from the "poor man's tree" to a high-tech, industrial raw material and substitute for wood. This study, prepared by FAO jointly with the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan, is an initiative to incorporate bamboo into the FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) programme. It was undertaken as one of seven thematic studies within the FRA 2005 process and is a first attempt at systematic reporting of the best available information on bamboo resources and utilization at the global level. A total of 22 countries responded to the FAO/INBAR call for information and submitted national reports. Although data availability and quality are often weak, the main value of the study is that it has established a systematic methodology and has launched the most comprehensive assessment of global bamboo resources to date.