White maize, a traditional food grain in developing countries

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The bulk of maize grown worldwide is yellow, and three times as much maize is used for livestock feed as for direct human consumption. In parts of the developing world, demand for maize for livestock is increasing rapidly. Nonetheless, maize remains an important part of the human diet in many developing countries and, where it is grown, white maize tends to assume much greater importance than yellow varieties. This paper outlines and analyzes the current structure of the world white maize economy, with emphasis on production, utilization, trade and technology development. The paper also contains production projections to the year 2000 and discusses some of the major constraints to expanding white maize production to meet the potential growth in demand. Sections III, IV, and V discuss production, utilization and international trade, respectively. Sections VI and VII analyze features of price policies that affect the production and trade of white maize. Section VIII discusses some of the major issues in technology development for increasing the productivity of resources devoted to white maize production. Section IX presents the medium-term outlook for white maize supply, demand and trade, and Section X notes some of the pressing problems that need to be solved if supply is to meet the projected growth.