Scoping agriculture. Wetland interactions
Towards a sustainable multipleresponse strategy, with CD-ROM

FAO Water reports Series, Vol. 33

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Agriculture is identified as the main cause of wetland degradation and loss. Using a drivers, pressures, state changes, impacts and responses (DPSIR) framework to analyse 90 cases drawn from all parts of the world and all wetland types, this report assesses the character of agriculture - wetlands interactions (AWIs) and their impacts in socio-economic and ecosystem services terms. The report is not a set of guidelines, nor is it a policy brief. Rather, it is a technical framework that is used to scope out the relevance and nature of AWIs, identify responses, identify opportunities and set out guidelines. The primary audience are therefore technical and professional staff, rather than policy-makers and managers. The accompanying CD-ROM contains the DPSIR database and tutors.