Rural area development planning
Principles, approaches & tools of economic analysis (reprinted 1998)

Training Materials for Agricultural Planning Series, Vol. 27/1

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Thèmes de Rural area development planning

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These two volumes examine the economic dynamics at work, or potentially at work, among farm households and towns in rural areas, and point out some implications for analysis and planning to accelerate economic development in such areas. They also provide a catalogue of tools for analyzing rural area economies and for identifying and assessing strategic groups of projects from an economic development perspective. For each tool the catalogue provides a description, the principal analytical question addressed, the basic steps involved and an assessment of its strengths and weaknesses. It is useful for trainers and decision-makers, who can select and adapt tools for use in their own contexts.
Volume 1. Principles of rural area economic development and planning. Introduction. Rural area economies and their development. Principles of area development planning. Exploring approaches and processes for area planning. A general framework for planning. Considering the planning context and its implications. Volume 2. Tools for area economic analysis and strategic project determination. Tools for aggregate and inter-area analysis. Tools for intra-area analysis. Tools for strategic project identification and assessment.