Report of the panel of eminent experts on ethics in food and agriculture. 3rd session, 14-16 September 2005

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The independent Panel of Eminent Experts on Ethics in Food and Agriculture was established by the Director-General of FAO to advise the Organization and raise public awareness of ethical considerations associated with such vital issues as food security for present and future generations and sustainable management of the earth's limited resources. The Panel's contribution both to the work of FAO and to the broader international discussion is highly significant at a time when major developments in food and agriculture - including accelerating technological advances, changes in the resource base and evolving economic and market mechanisms - have brought to the fore a variety of ethical questions. At its third session, the Panel reiterated the basic ethical concerns and responsibilities set out in its second report and emphasized the increasing need for ethical considerations in the decision-making process regarding food and agriculture at both the national and international levels.