Modernizing irrigation management. The MASSCOTE appproach
Mapping system and services for canal operation techniques (includes CD-ROM)

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Thème de Modernizing irrigation management. The MASSCOTE appproach

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This publication describes the MASSCOTE methodology, illustrated by several applications in Asia. MASSCOTE is a comprehensive methodology for analysing the modernization of canal operation. The aim is to enable experts to work together with users in determining improved processes for cost-effective service-oriented management. It is based on previous tools and approaches widely used in Asia by FAO in its modernization training programme (rapid appraisal procedures and benchmarking). From diagnosis through the formulation of operational units and the planning of a service (based on the vision agreed upon with the users), MASSCOTE entails a systematic, ten-step, mapping exercise. The accompanying CD-ROMs contain the full document in English, excerpts in French, a draft version in Arabic and Chinese, training presentations and material, and a number of documents and references on irrigation system operation and management [System requirements: PC with Intel Pentium® processor and Microsoft®Windows 95/98/200/Me/NT/XP, 256 MB of RAM, 50 MB of available hard-disk space, SuperVGA monitor, 256 colours at 1024x768, Adobe Acrobat® Reader (not included on CD-ROM)].