Maize in human nutrition
FAO Food and Nutrition paper Series, Vol. 25

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Over the years FAO has published a series of nutrition studies. Maize and maize diets, a nutritional survey published in 1953, covered available information and knowledge on maize up to that date. Since then a vast amount of research information on breeding, varietal improvement' storage, processing, consumption and improvement of the nutritional quality of maize has become available. The need to update and revise the old edition to include this information was keenly felt by FAO, which has decided to publish it under a new title, Maize in human nutrition, and to aim it at a more technical level of readership. The current edition provides expanded information on the chemical composition of maize, including the makeup of maize protein and dietary fibre, on grain quality and storage and on the effects of lime-cooking of maize and the manufacture of foods such as tortillas, arepas and ogi. It reviews evidence of the association between maize consumption, bound niacin and pellagra and presents the evidence of amino acid deficiencies in maize and results obtained from experiments with both humans and animals. It discusses the importance of raising the protein quality of maize through incorporation of the opaque-2 gene and its probable contribution to improving the diet of maize-eating populations, and it makes a strong case for commercial production of quality protein maize (QPM). Finally, it provides a more up-to-date account of how maize diets can be improved following the old principle of nutrition: consume a balanced diet containing food legumes, animal protein, fruits and vegetables.

This book is intended for nutritionists, agronomists, food scientists, dieticians and others concerned with maize. It is hoped that they will find it useful and worthwhile.