Issues in water law reform
FAO Legislative studies Series, Vol. 67

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Thème d'Issues in water law reform

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This publication contains the papers presented at the Expert consultation on issues in water law reform, convened by FAO in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa, 3 to 5 June 1997. At the request of the government of the Republic of South Africa, the topical programme of the expert consultation hinged on two key issues of concern to the drafting exercise then underway. These were the transition from an existing landed property-based and abstraction and the tradability of water rights.
Reforming South Africa water legislation : Australian examples. Reforming South Africa water legislation : tradeable water entitlements in Australia. Transferability of water use rights and the case transitional legislation in Chile. Modernization of water legislation : the Mexican experience , the Spanish experience. How states in the United States have handled the transition from common law to permitting regulation. Tradability of water rights : experience of the Western United States. Institutional and legal issues relevant to the implementation of water markets : a review of experiences.