Impact of the global forest industry on atmospheric greenhouse gases
FAO Forestry paper Series, Vol. 159

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This publication examines the numerous and complex connections between the global forest products industry and the global carbon cycle, with the objective of characterizing the carbon footprint of the sector. The study considers six types of industry impact: carbon sequestration and storage in forests and forest products; emissions from manufacturing facilities or from electricity producers supplying these facilities; other emissions attributable to product manufacturing; emissions from product transport and use; emissions associated with end-of-life management; and emissions avoided elsewhere in society owing to the forest products industry. Globally, the impact of the industry on carbon in forests cannot be described quantitatively because of the lack of data in many parts of the world and the complexity of the industry's raw material supply chain. Data from some countries, however, suggest that sustainable forest management practices can be effective in keeping forest carbon stocks stable over time. Some of the carbon removed from the forest remains stored in forest products, providing significant benefits.