Global report on validated alternatives to the use of methyl bromide for soil fumigation
FAO Plant Production and Protection paper Series, Vol. 166

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Methyl bromide (MeBr), used as a fumigant to control several soil-borne pests in various crops, is a strong ozone depleter, and governments and international agencies aware of the problem have agreed to establish a programme to phase out its use. As a result, some literature on new MeBr alternatives is available that describes the feasibility and disadvantages of each new pest control measure. Some of these publications result from workshops and symposia organized in different countries by the United Nations Environment Programme and by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. The present report provides information on successful alternatives in some countries or regions where MeBr is being phased out. Although the report often shows the lack of already validated alternatives, particularly for a region such as Africa, the material provides enough elements on the technical and economic success of a variety of alternatives to assist agricultural researchers and extensionists in carrying out further studies and/or for validation.