FAO Statistical yearbook 2013
World food and agriculture

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The FAO Statistical Yearbook is divided into four thematic parts:

Part 1. The setting measures the state of the agricultural resource base by assessing the supply of land, labour, capital and inputs, and examining the pressure on the world food system stemming from demographic and macroeconomic change.

Part 2. Hunger dimensions gauges the state of food insecurity and malnutrition, measuring the multitude of dimensions that give rise to hunger and shape undernourishment.

Part 3. Feeding the world evaluates the past and present productive capacity of world agriculture, together with the role of trade in meeting changing food, feed and other demands.

Part 4. Sustainability dimensions examines the sustainability of agriculture in the context of the pressure it exerts on the environment, including the interaction of agriculture with climate change, and how it can provide ecosystem services through the bio-based economy.