Economics of soil productivity in sub-Saharan Africa

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Thème d'Economics of soil productivity in sub-Saharan Africa

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Soil and water management is an essential element in food security, agriculture sector growth and sustainable land management of sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The increased degradation and declining fertility of SSA soils contributes to food insecurity and poverty. The World Bank, FAO and partner agencies are supporting the implementation by governments of national Soil Fertility Initiative (SFI) action programmes to tackle the problem. However, missing from many studies on soil fertility issues is a recognition of the role of economics in soil productivity at farm, national and global levels. This study attempts to address this shortfall by reviewing the application of economic analysis to soil productivity problems and by discussing possible applications at the local, national and global levels. It also examines the economics of fertilizer use, a potentially important element in programmes to stem soil fertility loss.