Directory of infectious diseases of grapevines and viroses and virus-like diseases of the grapevine
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The grapevine (Vitis spp.) undoubtedly represents one of the horticultural crops most widely grown in

temperate climates, and a highly valuable agricultural commodity. As most of the vegetatively propagated crops, grapevines are exposed to the attacks of a variety of pests and pathogens among which infectious intracellular agents (viruses, viroids, phloem-and xylem-limited prokaryotes) play a major role, causing heavy losses, shortening the productive life of vine yards, and endangering the survival of affected vines. The importance of the grapevine industry and the magnitude of the problems caused by these pathogens has generated wide interest which, in turn, has fostered intensive research, that has been especially active at the international scale from the late 1950's onwards. The increased attention paid to grapevine virological problems and the like, has produced an impressive series of papers which now number about 5,400. The papers up to 2004 are listed and commented upon in six bibliographic report.