Biological management of soil ecosystems for sustainable agriculture

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The International Technical Workshop on Biological Management of Soil Ecosystems for Sustainable Agriculture was organized as a contribution to the joint programme of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and FAO in accordance with FAO’s mandate on sustainable agriculture and food security and with Decision V/5 of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the CBD. More than 45 participants from more than 18 countries, representing a heterogeneous range of scientists and practitioners from each region, joined efforts to review and discuss the concept and practices of integrated soil management, share successful experiences and identify priorities for action. The specific objectives of the workshop were: Share knowledge among a range of experts from all regions. Develop and promote guiding principles and good practices for enhancing soil biodiversity and its functions as part of an integrated approach for the management of land resources and agricultural ecosystems. Provide technical guidance to realize the benefits of biological management of soil ecosystems in terms of enhanced productivity and sustainability. Agree on the strategy and priority actions for implementing the International Initiative on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Soil Biodiversity, as part of an integrated agricultural development process including capacity building, assessment and monitoring, adaptive management, and mainstreaming.