AGROVOC - Multilingual agricultural thesaurus (CD-ROM)

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Thème d'AGROVOC - Multilingual agricultural thesaurus (CD-ROM)

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AGROVOC is a multilingual thesaurus (English, French, Spanish and Português) for indexing data in agricultural information systems. It was developed by FAO and the European Community (EC). The Third Edition was published in 1996 and a supplement followed. It now contains over 15 700 descriptors in each language. System requirements:Pentium PC, 16 MB RAM Windows 95/98/NT Please address questions regarding technical aspects of the programs and any suggestions for improvement to:AGRIS/CARIS Information Centre E-mail: To purchase the CD please send your order to: E-mail: AGROVOC is a multilingual thesaurus (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and soon in Arabic) which is used for the description of information sources in the field of agriculture and related subjects. Its main role is to standardize the indexing process in order to make searching simpler and more efficient, and to provide the user with the most relevant information. The Fourth Edition was published in 1999, and it incorporates all the supplements and changes of the last years. It now contains 16 607 descriptors in each language.